A kitchen that does more than cook.

Along the beloved, beautiful Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy lies the small town of Sorrento. Known for its ceramics, lacework and limoncello, Sorrento is home to Chef Antonio, better known as Chef Tony. He is the head chef at a cooking school in the heart of Sorrento and finds life and love in the making of food.

The passion for cooking that you see in the video above has been burning since long before Chef Tony returned to Italy after working in the United States for 12 years. The Chef found the flexibility of his schedule in America to never quite satisfy his needs. He quit his job, moved back home, and voila! Quanto Basta Cooking School was born.

The cooking school’s purpose is to welcome friends and families to an informal kitchen for those who love cooking, are eager to learn about the culture, and want to relax with a good meal and a glass of wine. You are able to pick a meal of your choice to cook when you reserve a class and are sure to leave with new friends.

Just like any other business, Quanto Basta felt the effects of COVID-19 when tourism came to a halt. Ranked no. 2 on Trip Advisor among all cooking schools in Sorrento, the lack of travelers presented Chef Tony and his team with challenges. Their original plan was to offer virtual cooking classes, but with their main source of customers living across the world in a completely different time zone, it wasn’t proving to resolve their problem.

Chef Tony’s passion for cooking, however, was not going to be put out so easily. The cooking school decided to open the kitchen to children and teenagers and offer the same wonderful experience, minus the wine.

Chef Tony recognizes the importance of children’s health and is working to help them appreciate simple, nutritional meals. The kids are learning to cook fresh pasta, meatballs and authentic Italian sauces with minimal ingredients.

Chef Tony hopes to instill healthy habits in the children at a young age by providing an educational and fun environment for kids to dive into. Children and teenager centered classes are still new to the Quanto Basta family, but the experiences have proved to continue to be exceptional as parents are beginning to tag along.

COVID-19 goes beyond affecting businesses, it can damage your physical and mental well-being too. Continuing to offer classes safely in the kitchen is a great way to combat the negative impacts of the pandemic. In the wise words of Chef Tony, “cooking is therapy” and this school is using that to its advantage.

This particular kitchen does more than just cook. Quanto Basta’s kitchen is a place to learn, love and relax. It’s possible you could leave a class and forget the recipe for a meal you made, but it is simply impossible for you to forget the wonderful memories you made. And for Chef Tony, that is what it’s all about.

Photos courtesy of Quanto Basta Cooking School

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