Healthier and Happier

By Maggie Bushway

It was a starry night when Stephanie Young heard a calf bawling, and discovered she had been rejected by her mother. She took her in and is raising the calf herself. Elsie, as she is now called, is deeply loved and cared for at Hillhouse Pastures. Young makes a formula for her and she is bottle-fed, trained daily, and can already follow commands.

“Elsie just makes every morning, it’s just my favorite part of the day to walk out and feed that little calf and just to give life,” Young said.

This is not a typical situation, but Hillhouse Pastures is not a typical farm. Young runs her farm with compassion and kindness towards the animals. She feeds them a healthier grass-fed diet and incorporates intensive grazing.

“I’m pretty determined to have really, really, kindly treated animals, very well tended, loved, that are processed for beef but at least handled kindly until their death,” she said.

She is looking forward to adding sheep to her farm soon.

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